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Hi! I’m Erica Rae, a copywriter and digital marketing specialist who helps small business owners and entrepreneurs share their story and grow their online presence with compelling content.



Blog Writing

I write original and engaging blog content for business owners and brands that helps them achieve their goals.

Web Copy

I write motivating website copy that is on brand and on point so you can turn your traffic into loyal customers.


I work to identify any problems that may be affecting your website’s potential to rank on Google.

Why choose me?

I believe in quality, not quantity. And that means you can rest easy knowing that the end result will be insightful, engaging content that will help scale your business in a meaningful way.


You will be able to count on a complete, ready to publish article, so you never have to worry about meeting a deadline again.


My work will not just get people’s attention, but will keep it – so that you can establish your business’ online presence.


I explain things in the simplest way possible, without a bunch of industry jargon. Just clear, concise writing that gets to the point.

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Because your website needs more than just some pretty pictures on it.

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